Chef Juan Mondragon

His passion to serve and eagerness to create delicious and healthy meals has evolved into Juan’s Restaurante, where guests come from all over to enjoy organic, fresh, and traditional Pre-Hispanic inspired Mexican dishes.


Juan's Restaurante infuses every dish with extensive knowledge and passion for perfection.


Juan features more than 10 remarkable moles, prepares each dish with fresh ingredients and dedicates much of his pre-Hispanic menu to organic nopales (cactus).


The cultural and journey of Pre-Hispanic Mexico at Juan’s Restaurante

Buffet – Jun 9 & 10th

Like every weekend Juan’s Restaurante presents to you our delicious Fresh Mexican Brunch Buffet. Every Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. For only $12 you can enjoy our buffet.

For this weekend, this is what you can expect. Looking forward to see you here.


  • Puerco en salsa de roja con tomatillo
  • Pollo al chipotle con champiñones
  • Mole Poblano con pechuga de pollo
  • Mole verde con pollo
  • Papas en salsa de molcajete
  • Tacos vegetarianos
  • Tacos de pollo
  • Spaghetti a la  chipotle
  • Enchiladas de la casa
  • Frijoles
  • Arroz
  • Pozole  Verde
  • Menudo
  • Omelet Bar
  • Pancakes
  • Pancakes con chia
  • Tortillas de maiz
  • Tortillas de Nopal
  • Fruta
  • Camotes
  • Flan de Nopal
  • Flan de Durazno
  • Patel de chocolate
  • Pastel de fresa

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