Chef Juan Mondragon

His passion to serve and eagerness to create delicious and healthy meals has evolved into Juan’s Restaurante, where guests come from all over to enjoy organic, fresh, and traditional Pre-Hispanic inspired Mexican dishes.


Juan's Restaurante infuses every dish with extensive knowledge and passion for perfection.


Juan features more than 10 remarkable moles, prepares each dish with fresh ingredients and dedicates much of his pre-Hispanic menu to organic nopales (cactus).


The cultural and journey of Pre-Hispanic Mexico at Juan’s Restaurante

Celebrate Father’s Day with Us!

Celebrate Father’s Day with Us!

Father’s day it’s tomorrow June 16th, a very special day to celebrate with your family and like the others days of the year, celebrate your Dad by showing all the LOVE you have for him. Seems that Mothers day is more popular than father’s day. I usually see a lot more advertisement and a lot more going on when it comes to Mother’s day, but I believe both day are very special and just like we had a special buffet for all the Mother, we are preparing a very special one for all the Fathers.

For only $12 come and enjoy our speical Father’s Day Menu for our buffet. See what it will be available from 9am – 3pm.

1. Mole Coloradito con pechuga de pollo – NEW and only available during the buffet
2. Mole el amarillito con pechuga de pollo- NEW and only available during the buffet
3. Mole Negro con Pechuga de pollo – Black Mole with Chicken
4. Güilotas en salsa Roja – Qual in red salsa
5. Enchiladas de la casa  – House Enchiladas
6. Champiñones en salsa de pétalos de rosas – Mushrooms with a petal rose salsa
7. Taquitos de pollo – Chicken taquitos
8. Taquitos vegetarianos
9. Pozole verde- Veggie Taquitos
11. Empanadas de flor de calabaza – pumkin flower empanadas
12. Ensalada de nopal – Cactus Salad
13. Ensalada de nopal con mango – Cactus Salad with Mango
14. Ensalada del chef – Chef Salad
15. Pancakes con Chia
16. Regular pancakes
17. Omeletes al gusto
18. Tortillas de nopal hechas a mano
19. Tortillas de maíz hechas a mano
20. Salsa Picosa de ajonjolí
21. Salsa de chile cascabel
22. Salsa de Chile de árbol
23. Salsa Maya
24. Fruta – Fruts
25. Pastel de chocolate – Chocolate cake
26. Pastel de zanahoria – Carrot cake
27. Camotes – Sweetpotatoes
28. Duraznos en conserva de mango- Peach
29. Flan de Nopal – Cactus Flan
30. Flan de elote- Corn Flan

When: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 9am – 3pm – ONLY BUFFET!
 3pm – 9pm – Regular menu


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